Standard operation and daily maintenance of electrostatic powder spraying guns

The working principle of electrostatic powder spraying is that the electrostatic powder spray gun is connected to a high-voltage electrostatic generator. When the electrode of the spray gun is connected to high-voltage static electricity, a high-voltage electrostatic field is generated between it and the positive electrode of the workpiece, and a corona discharge is formed at the muzzle of the gun.

When the powder coating is transported from the powder feeder to the spray gun by purified air and sprayed out by the spray gun, the atomized powder captures free electrons in the corona discharge area and becomes negatively charged particles. Under the action of airflow and electric field, it flies towards the surface of the workpiece in the direction of electric field force, and is arranged according to the distribution density of the electric force line on the workpiece surface. Under the action of Coulomb electrostatic attraction, it only adsorbs on the surface of the workpiece. After the coating reaches a certain thickness, it is heated and melted, Leveling and curing to form a uniform, flat, and smooth coating.


Powder spraying technology is widely used in industries such as sheet metal, automobiles, home appliances, engineering machinery, and construction due to its advantages. As a key part that affects the one-time powder coating rate, the powder spraying electrostatic spray gun requires great attention and standardized operation and daily maintenance.