Consumer Recovery Press "Fast Forward" Button, Rapid Development of the Washing Industry is Coming Soon

Recently, the tourism industry has seen further recovery, with news reporting that Hainan hotels are still fully booked overnight for 18W. According to this situation, the washing industry may enter a period of rapid development. In response to the development of the washing industry, many people want to seize the opportunity to obtain a piece of soup. Here, I will talk to you about the cloth washing equipment that needs to be purchased to start a washing factory.

Regardless of size, one of the main equipment required to open a washing plant is the washing machine. There are multiple specifications of washing machines, and the quantity and specifications can be configured according to the workload of washing cloth.

Isolation type washing machine is the main equipment used for washing hospital linen. Unlike ordinary washing machines, it has a double door structure, which can effectively isolate the pre washing and post washing linen to avoid secondary contamination. Hotels do not have as high hygiene requirements as hospitals, so there is generally no need to use isolated washing machines.

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The dryer is mainly used for drying towel like linen and is also an indispensable part of the linen washing plant. There are various specifications, and the quantity and specifications of the equipment need to be configured according to the daily workload.

This equipment is used for the drying and ironing of linen such as ironing machines and bedding covers in washing factories. Therefore, it can be said to be an indispensable equipment in linen washing factories. There are several types of ironing machines, including electric heating, steam heating, and gas heating. According to the methods of ironing machines, there are roller and slot types, which can be configured according to the needs of the washing factory. Generally, slot type ironing machines are used for the ironing and drying of linen in star hotels, Ordinary hotel linen ironing generally uses a roller ironing machine.

The above are the necessary washing equipment for a washing factory, as well as supporting equipment such as fabric feeders, dry cleaning machines, folding machines, etc., which need to be purchased based on one's actual production situation.