Senior Core Engineer

Job Description:

1. Linux kernel maintenance and upgrade of Kwai internal servers;

2. Optimize the performance of the Linux kernel based on service characteristics;

3. Research and application of new kernel technologies;

4. Research and improvement of container related technologies.

Job requirements:

1. Proficient in the Linux kernel, at least read the source code of one of the main modules in the kernel, memory management, I/O subsystem, and network subsystem;

2. Familiar with C language programming on Linux platform, familiar with multi process and multi thread programming, familiar with socket programming;

3. Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, passionate about solving challenging problems;

4. Priority will be given to contributions from kernel open source community patches;

5. Good communication skills and teamwork spirit, rigorous work attitude and high quality awareness;

6. Good at learning new knowledge, strong hands-on ability, and enterprising spirit.